#CosmopolitanChic - Blogger challenge!

Going out - Marquee Nightclub

Iceskating outfit

Casino oufit

I've been so lucky to be chosen to be apart of the #CosmopolitanChic blogger challenge by Vegas.com. This means that this post is written in english, obviously. The challenge is to creative outfits for places i would want to visit when staying at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. I've chosen the Marquee Nightclub, The Ice Rink and the Casino. Three very different places - And by that, also very different outfits. I like them all, and I would love to rock them in Las Vegas myself at these three places. There is so many possiblities in Las Vegas, so many places to go. But these three would be the once, I would visit.
As you can see, the first look for the Marquee Nightclub is a very sexy look. Black leather is the main focus, and the I parred it with a pair of red heels and red lips.
For the iceskating outfit at The Ice Rink i went for a warm fur jacket and beige/babypink accessories. Very bright colours to compliment the ice and snow. Then I added a Starbucks-coffee to heaten up in the hours of skating in the cold weather. As we all know, it can be a little chill right?
For the last outfit at the Casino, i went all-in with beautiful bodycon dresses and some high black heels. Also I've chosen to add some lovely earings and a chanel bag. I can totally see these to outfits at the Casino for a lot of gambling and a drink.
You can find all the items by clicking on the pictures!
I'm so honoured to be chosen from people from the US to be in this blogger challenge. So exciting.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Wish me good luck with the challenge - Fingers crossed!!

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